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Good day. I've had oil pooling above my timing cover (almost directly above the timing chain) in the two little valley's on either side of the cover. At first I was convinced it was that silly seal on the front of the intake manifold. Tee one that you throw out the cork seal and just put a big dollop of RTV on it. So I tore my engine down and redid that seal and ensured that I used plenty of RTV this time. Just started my motor and it appears that there is oil in that area again yet there's not trace of oil leading down from the intake manifold.

I've noticed that there is a small threaded hole in the valley in the timing cover wall that is shared with the water pump. What are these used for? Could that be where my oil is coming from? Could I just JB weld these holes up if it is? My research indicates that these should probably leak coolant, not oil.

Timing chain cover: Ford Racing Timing Chain Cover FMS-M-6059-D351
The Jeg's cover made blind bolt holes there....



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