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I have a set of lightly used heads from a 1994 351W motor. The vehicle was damaged in an accident and I saved it thinking I would use it on my build. Unfortunately, my plans have changed and I have to go another way.

The heads are very clean, low miles, and have all the valves, rocker arms, and other hardware, although they do not include the valve covers, those will stay with me to put on my motor.

I tried to sell them this week on craigs list and am already tired of dealing with the scammers and money launderers from out of the country. (Somebody today, sent me a forged fake cashier's check from Wachovia) So I thought I would deal here since its worked well before and we are reputable and genuine.

Here is a photo when the motor was pulled this late october 2009.

I am asking for $250 or best offer for the pair.

I would accept cash, cashier's check, or PAYPAL.

I have an account with UPS and would recommend that shipper, but would consider another carrier if you want to go that way, but ask first.

They would be a great set of clean, solid factory roller motor heads for a 289/302/351W motor and are ready to bolt on and use today without a need for machine work or messing around.

The heads are in Idaho but I would be willing to ship to USA or Canada.

Call me or email. Lets talk... if you have any interest.
(208) 528-2327
[email protected]
Allan K
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