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I've been driving in Gelcoat for a two weeks now and have the car running/riding like it should. A little tinkering with the timing and an additional spring on the carb took some of the abrupt throttle response away. Remounting the steering rack arms below the the spindle mounts took all the "twitchy" out of the handling. I do have a "squeek" somewhere when hitting big bumps but I'll find it and fix that too.

I drove around this weekend after making the forementioned changes and the car drives like a dream. The car is smooth and tracks straight without wandering over bumps. Throttle response, wheelspin, and acceleration are still off the charts but it's to be expected with 500+ HP on tap. A word to those still on the fence over engines...400HP is plenty....

I still won't graduate until ~Jan-Feb 08 when I plan on painting. I still would like to thank the forum for lending a helping when needed. I could't have done it without forum help, especially forum members "Lowcoutry" and "KitCarRob."


Mike Fortes - Entire Drivetrain & tech support.
Breeze Auto - EZ Cool, Fuel, Honk, Etc. (very EZ!)
Gorden Levy - Suspension upgrades & tech support.
Finishline - Lots of neat finishing touches.

If you're not using these guys as well as other forum vendors, you're wrong. Never once did they not take the time out to personally help or just answer a quick question and it is greatly appreciated.


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