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Here's your chance to become a Supporting Member at a discount of $50 off a lifetime membership or $25 off a yearly membership.

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As a member you get access to the unmoderated Clubhouse forum, more Private Message space, more Picture Gallery space and discounts on FFCars.com logo items that are offered from time-to-time. Best of all, you get to show your support for the site by getting your Supporting Member Stars.

Just getting access to the Clubhouse is worth a few bucks. Discussions include how to run and improve the forum, how to improve our government, and much, much more.

There are some crazy personalities floating in the Clubhouse, but most of all you get to help us direct the site. Clubhouse discussions include how to improve and run FFCars.com. We take action on many suggestions from the Clubhouse and openly discuss what can help the site become better.

Your dollars go to improve the site and help pay the bills around here. This past year we added iTrader, Photo hosting, Gallery, and other cool features.

Happy Holiday's and thanks for your support!

- Bill
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