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Hope everyone had a great winter off-season and are as geared up as I am to start the 2015 race season. 2015 also celebrates 15 years of the FFR Challenge Series, and 20 years of Factory Five Racing as a company!

I'd like to do resurrect an old idea we did a couple of years back - the East Coast Challenge Series - epic wheel-to-wheel races with as many FFR Challenge cars on track as possible. Points from the races will tallied up (with 2 drops for fairness) to crown the 2015 ECS Champ, and a (not-yet-determined) FFR trophy will be presented to the winner at the end of Nationals.

With NASA Nationals East coast at VIR this September, VIR is on the schedule twice.

  1. VIR - March 20-23 (Fri test/tune, Fri 3hr Enduro, Sat/Sun sprint races)
  2. VIR - May 1-3 (Fri test/tune, Sat/Sun sprint races - Hyperfest - huge spectator event including live concerts, car shows, drifting, roll-over competitions, etc.. event was moved from SummitPoint as it outgrew the venue)
  3. MidOhio - June 5-7 (Fri test/tune, Sat/Sun sprint races)
  4. National Corvette Museum - July 17-19 (Brand new racetrack! Fri test/tune, Sat/Sun sprint races)
  5. NASA Nationals East @ VIR - Sept 3-6 (test/tune, 2 qualifying races, main Nats race)

Also to announce Toyo Tire for 2015 has upped their spec tire contingency program with great payouts rewarding higher car counts. $450 for 1st, $350 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd, $100 for 4th, $50 for 5th, $25 being available to finishers in 10-14 (9-18 starters) and this payout is for each race day! $900 Toyo bucks possible makes a great weekend!

See you on track!
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