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Calling all Track Coups and Roadsters/ Challenge Cars…

2013 Laguna Seca Historic Race Opportunity!!!

We have been invited to run with the SCCA Historic's this year at Laguna Seca June 21st-23. This is a rare opportunity to race wheel to wheel with Vintage classes. We will be in the big bore production class UNLESS we get 20 or more cars. If we can muster 20 + cars we will get our own run group. This will be a run what you brung class.

This is a rare opportunity so even you east coast drivers should come out, NASA is also running at Laguna Seca two weeks after with their race groups July 6-7. If you are hauling out and would like to store your equipment to race with NASA, I have a place you can store that is about 2 hours from Laguna Seca.

Here are the logistics:

June 21st-23 (June21st is a test and tune day only Separate front the races on Saturday and Sunday)

$425 for both days
plus $65 to join SCCA (we may be able to get a lower cost for a "weekend" membership for $15)

Race format:
Saturday - 15 min warmup, 20 min qual, 25 Qualifying race for Sunday
Sunday - 20 min warmup, 25 feature race

There will be one flag and it will be a rolling start. There will be no class separation and we will be lined up according to overall qualifying order intermixed with the other classes.

The cars will be teched for safety (the big thing that they will be looking for is that the belts must be no older than 2 years or 5 years if FIA)

We are our own class and we will self tech. We can assess handicaps for the

We will be running in the big bore class which is A&B production. Mostly consisting of Mustangs, Camaros and Corvetts.

Additional info:
Must have a current NASA or SCCA race license. You only need one, not both. So yes they are accepting just our NASA license.

All cars must have either a current NASA log book or an SCCA log book. Once again our NASA log book is sufficient.

Laguna will have a 103db sound limit. We all should be fine for this one.

Camping is allowed in the paddock.

So who is interested?

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Will they accept the standard hoop roll bar, or do we need something more, like the NASA required setup?

Vintage usually allows what was run in the appropriate year. That would be a single hoop for a Cobra.
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