I bought this engine from LKQ in 2016. I'd planned on using it for another project but that never panned out. I've been holding onto it figuring I'd run into another project where I could use it, but that hasn't happened. Now I'm moving so I'm trying to lighten the load. I paid $4,340 (including sales tax and core) for this engine. It's been sitting on an engine stand in my humidity controlled garage (maintained at 40% RH) since then. I have and can include (or not include) the flex plate, OEM motor mounts and headers.

The throttle body, plug-on-coils and decorative engine cover are not included, but those are readily available parts.

Being transparent, LQK broke the plastic water neck at the thermostat housing and I will include a brand new genuine Ford replacement part.

I'm happy to share my purchase receipt with interested buyers.