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I have a Gen 2 GTM that I am trying to sell - very close to the finish line. If I had more time I'd follow through right now. So if I can get a decent enough price I will sell it or I may put it back into storage until I can dedicate the time to finish it.

Major milestones to finish the car are:

1. Windows/Door handle - geometry isn't playing nicely anymore, was done before paint but now its not fitting together
2. Install interior parts
3. Register car

F14 Wheels
Roof Scoop
Cold Air Intake
(Not pictured: Carbon fiber Skirts/Lip/ Diffuser kit)
Gbox rebuilt G50Trans
LS1 (19,xxx Miles)
Alcantara wrapped interior parts
Cameras Under mirror/rearview

Paint was done by Jeff Miller in So Cal

Looking for $55,000 OBO. Located in RSM, Southern California. SOLD

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle

Vehicle Car Steering part Window Car seat cover
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