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Please thank the following people for being named to the FFR Nationals Planning Committee:

Wayne Presley - Director of the 2005 FFR Nationals
Charles Marshall - Co-Registration Director
Earl Groce - Co-Registration Director
Rick Cockcroft - Autocross and Touring Laps Coordinator
Dan Reiter - Car Show Coordinator
Ray Earp - Hotels and Food Coordinator
Jeff Collins - Awards Coordinator
Michael Gehri - Mementos and Apparel Coordinator
Sergio R. Trejo - Webmaster and Flyers Coordinator

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I'm looking forwards to the event!

I've been running the popular ballot Car show at all the SAAC conventions for almost 10 years now, and this one should be just as much fun! I'm just curious how the classes have been done in the past, and by whom? How has the judging been done? If I have some flexibility, what does the masses thing of how the classes should be structured?

Really looking forwards to VIR!
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