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I am new to the subaru program so be patient. My son and i bought 10 2003-5 wrx cars last fall from a local dismantler who was getting out of subarus. we are building a couple complete cars for our own use and trying to weed out a lot of parts. My 19 year old son is working weekends when he is home from tech school pulling parts and stripping the cars down to sell off the parts to finance his personal rally car build. (terrible Dad wont just hand him cash

Most of what we have that i think would be useful to 818 builders is suspension. we have many front and rear suspension sets taken out of the cars with steering gear.

we have 4 automatic transmissions awd and shifters

automatic and manual computers and wiring harnesses

Right now we are holding on to the couple of motors and 5 speeds we got with the deal until we finish rebuilding the 2 cars we want.

all of these were wrecked salvage auction wrx cars and most of the engines and manual transmissions were picked before we got them.

Once we get this pile cleaned up and parted out we may start buying more and newer parts cars if there is enough interest in them.

if you have interest in parts please email my son Beau at [email protected]

I'm trying to finish up my cobra project and would like him to field the questions, pull the parts and learn something in the process.

Sean Rupp
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