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16x24 garage cost

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What do you guys think I can get a 16x24 garage built for.. cement slab,brick on all 4 sides, a-roof,1 standard garage door and a man door, 1 window on each side... not finished on the inside, just stud walls... I had one quote for 18,000
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Al sounds about right for brick all round... I was quoted $11,500 for std stick/siding construction attached to house, ...
.....and I have a friend etc etc etc....

Call me tomorrow and I'll tell you how cheap my barn was...
More than you think.
I tried to keep my 36 x 48 within a budget I am over it and still don't have a roof on.
Howdy Al,

That's a good price. I checked on one that was about the same size but was metal sided. I ended up building a 14'x 20' shop myself. Alot cheaper that way.

By myself, I do mean by myself. :rolleyes:


P.S. I finally made it to 1,000 Post!! I've made alot since I've been off work. It kinda makes up for the 2 monthes or so that I didn't make any while I was in prison in Costa Rica!
Al, my garage addition was 24'x32', slab, frame construction, cedar siding, wiring and plumbing for $15,000 in 1997. Three bids, 15-18K. No heating or a/c included.

This is going to be VERY location dependent. I'd expect that if I were going to build my 24x36 again, it'd be $30k easily. That's using cheap T1000 siding. The brick siding around here would run over $10k all by itself.
Al, a rump estimate for this area would be about $50/sf, which is $17,200 - pretty close to your $18,000. This would be your basic unfinished interior, and "peel-and-stick" brick on the outside.

Quote is reasonable. At least if you were in California....

All the best,
Al, $18k is a good price with 4 sides brick, you could do it yourself(sub out the work) for $13k or so.
16'x24'=384 sq' x $2.90= $1114. for the slab
5600 brick x $1,000.= $5,600.
$2,500-$3,000 for turnkey framing
3 28/50 windows(vinyl SH) $375.
1 3/0 steel door $100.
5 square roof(turnkey laminated shingle)$350.
1 10'x 8' steel door,installed $800.
Vinyl cornice, turnkey, $650.
Grading(depends on site) $55/hr small loader, $85/hr large
You will also need a permit, silfence/erosion control, construction entrance(if required $300).
My estimate dosn't include a driveway $1.55/sq ' turnkey, or elecrical work.
Get everything with everybody in writing. Include a price and a timeframe(date to start-date to finnish, penalty for mi$$ing deadline), in writing. Get references. Get work comp and CGL certificates from all subs(from their agent, not them). Pay for all materials yourself, even on turnkey work(when the sub supplies the materials),this will stop the lien man. Count all material when delivered to make sure you don't get shorted(they never send to much for some reason).
Good luck with the garage and post up pics when she's done.
HTH, Jim
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Jim, in the south do you really get concrete flatwork for $1.55/sf? In California, el-cheapo schlock residential contractors get $3.25, and on a higher-end government-type job, they get $4.50-$5.00/sf.

Of course, a carpenter costs me a minimum of $40/hour, standing there with his um-hammer (remembering the forum rules
) in his hand.

Al, Jim's right about the suppliers. At least out here, every company that supplies material to the job will send you a legal notice that they have the right to lien the project. If you get any of those, you MUST get a lien release from each supplier. Even if you paid your contractor for them, you're on the hook for the materials if the contractor doesn't pay his supplier. Lots of folks have been burned....

All the best,
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I built two 16x22 foot shops, just like you discribed except for the brick, I used siding panels. I framed, isulated, shingled and did all the work myself with help from a couple of friends. I had a pumper pore the slab.
Each shop cost $5000 in materials,including the slab and that's here in Calif. This might help give you an idea on costs.
Thanks guys.. the deal is.. we are getting ready to build a new house and I got the contractor to draw me up a garage that looked like the house and he said he would do it for 18k if he did it at the same time.. so I told him to just do it
Tag, I pay $1.55 for driveways/sidewalks/patios, ect. and $2.90 for mono slabs. Those are turnkey prices(form boards, poly, gravel, rebar, fibermesh,concrete, pour and finish). For framing(labor only) I pay $2.00/ft for a slab house with roof trusses, and $2.30/ft for a slab house with a stick frame roof. Things are a lot cheaper here than on the West Coast. Here a nail driver makes $10./hr, a lead framer makes around $15./hr.
I've got a carpenter(a real carpenter, he can frame, run cornice & siding, run trim, and punchout anything)that works for me as a punchout man and I pay him $16./hr, with a $100./house and a $25./condo bonus.

Al, post the pics when she's built.

DONT DO IT>>>>>>

With your money, you need a 40 x 40 garage.. and it will be too small in a year.

Seriously 16 x 24 is gonna be tight.

And, I know how much you like to build bird houses. Wood and Grease dont mix. you need one building for your bird houses (carpentry) and another for your mechanics.

WHERE THE HECK are you moving to????????

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