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169k Donor Moror Question?

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Just diassebled my 90 LX 5.0 Donor motor. The donor was purchased from the Original Female owner and stlii had the original clutch.I was delightly surprised when I was still able to see the Cross hatch marks in the cylinder bores.

The Cam & Crank and internals are perfect.

I'm having second thoughts with going with the 69' 351w for my build.

Question is "Should I just rebuild the donor short Block into a 331 stroker motor or do I just put in a 351w w 405hp from the Engine Factory?
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Im near your question... I had an 88 and am going carb with 331 (Eagle) kit, trickflow track heads, airgap, 355 rear...

I HAD to do this cause the 88 was restricted to playing around with... but I like Carbs (hate teh mods) like to smell of fuel in the garage and while your modifying the pickup fo rthe gas tank you kinda get a preview for your nose...

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