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As there is a lot of wind noise coming from the 1/4 scoops I decided to make the block of windows. I would’ve ordered RT’s set but my driver to passenger side is different so had to make it custom per side.
Bought some Lexan and aluminum angle at HD and started engineering the solution. Made a cardboard template for the opening and transferred that to the Lexan. Then spray painted a black border just as I had done with the scoops. Made the vertical pillar and then the inside rail. That was more complicated due to the compound curves. Made a series of releaf cuts on the front and back end. That allowed to bend a downward curve but also manipulate the edges up or down.
After spray paint I covered it with door stripping, as well as the pillar piece.
Both pieces clamp the Lexan in place and it looks pretty good.

I also put some weather stripping on the door and door opening. Used self sticking D Stripping on the back edges of the door and along the sill. On the front of the door I put D stripping on the body and the door to bridge the gap.
Between the two ( block off windows and weather stripping) it helps reducing the wind and exhaust noise a bit.

The other day I used Google maps to mark off 2 miles on the main road near my house. I then drove it with my DD to double check. That’s really accurate. So today I put the Speedo ( No not my European bathing suit) in calibration mode and drove the trajectory. When parked I pushed the button at which point the calibration was done. Up to that point I had been driving with a speed app on my phone, so that now worked as a systems check. It was dead on. Then drove to the gas station and calibrated my fuel gauge. Put in 2 Gal for empty and then filled it up.
I guess it’s true what they say about filling up and people coming to talk to you.....









checking stuff off the list.


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Nicely done, John. I’m definitely taking notes!
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