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:confused1:hello everyone

im stuck on the fuel tank plumbing and wiring.....i know the threads ive searched say this topic has been beaten to death however i never find the solution. i have 2003-04 fuel tanks and a 2006 ls7 ecu. im running the painless fuse box. any links or help on this subject would be great. the diagrams which i have found are the ones from the faq from bill jenkins. hes using the i squared box. the diagrams only show for wiring abc on the driver side and abcd on the passenger side. my oem connectors are 4 pin and 6 pin. im not sure what im supposed to ignore and what is missing due to my setup years.......for the plumbing i havent been able to find detailed pictures to see what is capped or joined...anything will help guys...thanks

lost in toronto
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