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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    Anyone have a lead or resource for a windshield for a 1933 Rat's Glass Ford Speedstar Coupe windshield?
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Looking for a driver side windshield support arm for my roadster, the chrome is peeling off mine. Are both sides interchangeable? Thank you.
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    New Cobra Roadster side Wind Wings, Complete Set with mounting hardware. Fits Factory Five or similar mounting style. $55 free ship 48 states paypal Northern NJ
  4. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    ITEM HAS SOLD. THANKS FFCARS.COM! I have a Factory Five Roadster Windshield & Frame in its original packaging. The DOT 568 Windshield was purchased with a Factory Five Challenge Racer kit in 2005. The original idea was to build the car with a windshield that could be used on the street or...
  5. Factory Five Roadsters
    I purchased my Mark 3 Roadster and with the parts I received there was a windshield wiper motor and two wiper gears with no other parts. Are all the misc. parts available for individual purchase? And do I really need windshield wipers in Northern California? Does anyone use them?
  6. Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Does anyone here in Alberta know if his race screans would passs inspecion if you put on one of those bolt on wipers; and if there is a minimun windshield hieght for a car.
1-6 of 6 Results