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  1. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    This is a Wilwood Rear Disc Brakes Combination Parking Brake Caliper Setup Part # (140-12049R) with NEW rotor 12.19" Vented Rotors. The single piston Billet Aluminum Calipers with Pads have less than 3K miles on them. This kit was on a Factory Five Daytona Coupe and will fit The FFR Daytona...
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I am in the process of cleaning out the garage from way too many years of tinkering w/ Fords so I will be listing a bunch of stuff. First I have a Wilwood billet rear axle disc brake kit for a 5 lug 8.8 fox mustang rearend w/ 2.50" offset. This kit includes 12.19" x .81" think vented rotors...
1-2 of 2 Results