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  1. Thank you to Whitby and Jeff Collins for Road Trip Support

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    Just to let everyone know that I appreciate the prep work and assistance that Whitby and Jeff Collins provided before and during my coast-to-coast road trip. There were several times I needed quick answers to some concerns and Jeff would pick up the phone or text useful advice. Thank You...
  2. Non-remote brake reservoir info for power brakes

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    So for those of you who went with the whitby power brakes, here's an alternative for you. I insulated my firewall with jute, and had no good place to mount those ugly 5" tall remote reservoirs. It turns out the reservoir from a 93-94 infiniti q45 is a PERFECT match. You will need the following...
  3. Party Pics from Whitby (not Al's)

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Al beat me to it again. I'm uploading my own pictures as I am typing this; about 120 images. It should be finished sometime in the morning of 1/4/10. Thank you, Whitby family, for putting on a great party. Here is your link to the pictures.
  4. Whitby Christmas Party pictures

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    Magnus' pictures from Whitby Christmas Party To all the Collinses, thank you for arranging another entertaining evening. It was well worth the drive down from Maryland. And also good to see everyone else again. Happy New Year to all. Moochfest next. :D Here are some of the pictures I took...
  5. Going to Whitby's? I'll pay for your gas--Seriously!

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    Is there a catch? Of course there is a catch. I have to drop off the Roadster at Whitby's for some winter work. Then, I need a ride back home to Hagerstown, MD. I'll pay for your gas on the way up, about 300+ miles. Sometime between now and February 2009.
  6. Need help with heater hose routing

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Whitby cube heater There is some conflicting info when I did a search about routing the hoses. The outlet to the heater (HOT) goes from top of the manifold near the thermostat housing to the highest inlet on the cube heater. ( Also the hose where the cutoff should be installed if desired)...