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type 65 coupe

  1. New member post

    New Member Introductions
    Hello forum. An introductory post to put my account on the map and allow me to reply to threads. I've been on the other forum for a year. Interests include sharing and gaining knowledge on builds. Enjoyed the threads to this point, so I decided it was time for an account and some...
  2. New Type 65 Coupe Builder Saying Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Patrick and I have a car problem. It all started, like most of you, back when I was a kid. My dad asked me to help him work on the car instead of my older brother. I can still remember it well. There is nothing like your first fix, been chasing that feeling ever since...
  3. Some More Inspiration Sources

    SoCal Region
    Just before the holidays, someone posted a link to the Peter Brock site (BRE), some very cool archive image posters are available. I ordered one... BRE: Art/Posters A few weeks ago, I was using Google image search for Daytona Coupe, came across this image - CSX2300: Kai Art International -...
  4. Interesting problem...

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Well the car just completed a 2700 mile journey from East to West. No major problems, a faulty fuel pump and some minor water leaking during rain. During the last 50 miles of the trip I thought I was having some clutch slip. Today I went out and played with it. Turned out to simply be a badly...
  5. 1/4 mile time?

    Drag Racing
    I'm sure this question is asked a lot, but i've been very curious. I have a Type 65 coupe and have been asked the question alot myself. Unfortunately the car is not on the road yet. But what is a rough estimate considering the following specs? 400hp 351w should weigh in at around 2600-2650 IRS...
  6. Coupe #477 first start

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    First start with the engine factory 351w with Fast EFI and a TKO600 plus Thanks Mark Dougherty for all the help
  7. Kit Car Magazine

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Kit Car Builder Magazine Wow. I just received the current Kit Car Builder Magazine and saw an amazing Type 65 Coupe that was built by Alan Smith, and Terry Riebel of the Dream Car Company. This is a beautiful car, and I just felt the need to let him know. I don't know if he's a forum...