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  1. Saab 9-2x

    Factory Five Project 818
    Here is the mail I sent to Factory Five, and I will also use it as my introductory post! :) "Hey guys, first off I would like to introduce myself. I am a 16 year old who lives in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and is an avid fan of anything that goes fast, be it cars, planes... but not the weekend...
  2. My car is in Modified Mustangs & Fords this month!!

    Factory Five Roadsters
    My car is in Modified Mustangs & Fords this month!! I would like to thank Mark Houlahan for writing a great article about me and the car. I would also like to thank this forum and thefactoryFiveforum for all the build help. I hope I can represent the FFR community well with my build. Its the...
  3. Want to Buy: GTM, partial trade for 1974 Turbo Porsche

    GTM Classifieds
    I am looking for a partial or complete build. I'm hoping to trade my 1974 porsche as partial payment. I also have a custom Harley if interested. I do plan to use cash as well. Take a look at my Porsche. Pictures by porche911-turbo - Photobucket
  4. New dyno numbers, 924rwhp / 986rwtq

    Forced Induction / Nitrous
    I finally got tune time with Steve Petty, he changed my tune around and with bigger injectors, bigger turbo and Methanol injection since my last tune, I made 924rwhp and 986rwtq. The better numbers came with much less boost, 18.6 psi vs 21.4 psi with my old set-up (850rwhp/ 889rwtq). The power...
  5. Dyno results 835rwhp/ 907rwtq

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Well my first dyno session with the FFR, 835rwhp / 907rwtq at 18.2 pounds of boost. Not to bad for the first time out. I just needed to data-log a few runs for my tuner. The car is PIG RICH. The more boost I added the richer it got, I will let my tuner work on the tune a little more and go back...