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  1. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    As it comes from factory, never fitted, in black gelcoat, never sanded, with hinges. Has a couple scratches on it from sitting around in my garage for too long, but you need to sand and paint this anyways. It is $242+ship from FFR. I'll sell this for $150 OBO + $25 shipping in the lower 48...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hi all... I think I remember reading a decent thread on how to locate the trunk hinges to avoid rubbing during open/close event. I searched and searched the forum as well as Sergio's site, NuBlue... can't find anything. The manual has very little info (no surprise) for location; not using...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    In my quest for a saggy, non humpy butt, I have finally reached the pinnacle of non perkiness!! As some of you may recall, I did the drop butt mod - see http://www.ffcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=229894 and http://www.ffcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=230055&highlight=dropped+butt The final...
  4. Factory Five Roadsters
    My battery is located under the upper, front level in the trunk. Now it looks like the weight of the battery is pounding down the box it is sitting in. What have you done to repair or reinforce your battery box? Maybe replacing the entire box with sturdier aluminium?
1-4 of 4 Results