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  1. For Sale: T-5 Short Throw Shifter

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD - T-5 Short Throw Shifter SOLD Thanks Joey
  2. Donor parts for sale!

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Getting new motor for a Mk1 that was bought assembled. Many donor parts available! Motor, tranny, ECU, Front brakes & rear drum 4-lug, side pipes, axles, radiator, j-tubes, cats, and more probably! In CA if anyone is interested. All parts from a 88 mustang GT.
  3. T-5 Overhaul

    Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Does anybody know of a good place to have a T-5 rebuilt in the Calgary area? Thanks, Bill
  4. 94/95 T5 conversion from AODE - help?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I just bought my donor, a 1995 GT with AODE. I understand the general swap process to get to a T5, but I've seen some conflicting info on the bellhousing/input shaft arrangement. It's obvious that the 94/95 transmissions have a longer input shaft, but for putting it into a FF MkIII, can I use...
  5. For Sale: SBF 5.0/T-5 Aluminum Bell Housing

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new Ford 5.0 T-5 Bell Housing. Part Number E3ZR 6394 AA, never used. $95.00 plus shipping OBO