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  1. FFR GTM #424

    FFR GTM #424

    This photo is from the 2014 SLO Concours car show. I won Best Sports Car: people's Choice. I beat out 5 million dollar Ferraris, McLaren, Lambos, etc. Great day!
  2. FFR GTM #424

    FFR GTM #424

    Here are a finished picture of my GTM with my motorcycle in my garage. This is where I built the entire car.
  3. FFR GTM #424

    FFR GTM #424

    Here are some finished pictures of my GTM. Also of the 2015 GTM calendar it was featured in.
  4. Factory Five Debuts Second Generation GTM

    FFCars.com News
    Factory Five Racing, the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits, hosted its 13th Annual Open House on Saturday, June 12th. The event featured new models, new products, and new partners for Factory Five as thousands of customers and guest took in the event held at the companies world...
  5. For Sale: GTM for sale - 2 time magazine cover and 2 time feature

    GTM Classifieds
    SOLD It's time to actually put my GTM up for sale. I have been haphazardly advertising it and it's time to take the bull by the horns. It has been on the cover of Kit Car Builder and Grassroots Motorsports magazines and has been featured in Kit Car Magazine twice. It was also the first GTM...
  6. For Sale: GTM Supercar Dave Smith's #45

    GTM Classifieds
    Here it is!! For sale on the open market at a very reasonable price of $58,000.00 the GTM that made history and quite the buzz in some of the most popular auto magazines. Once owned by the owner of Factory Five Racing (Dave Smith), The building of this car was closely watched over by the members...