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  1. I maybe retired...but!

    New Member Introductions
    Created the ASE G1 "Maintenance and Light Repair" certificate program with Teacher and Student Curriculum for our local High School. Spent a year restoring a 12ft cedar planked Acorn Skiff with wineglass transom. Looking for a new project - seriously considering the FFR 33 hardtop with...
  2. 427 Strokers for Newbies?

    Ford Small Block Engine
    I’m new to engine building. Never built one but I think building my own for my cobra would be a great achievement. I know that I want to build a 351W/427 stroker. I don’t have any race tracks or drag strips near by so it’s just going to be a daily driver/ cruiser. My first question: Is it...
  3. Levy 347 Stage 4 and T-56 Magnum Q'S

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Hi all, had a few questions for you guys. Firstly anyone with a Levy stage 4? I'm considering ordering one for my coupe. What have you thought of it so far how many miles have you put on it / how hard do you drive it? Second, anyone who has installed a T-56 Magnum in their Coupe or Roadster? how...
  4. New Member

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hi all, I'm Currently saving for my GTM build (single so its easy) My plan is to buy a C5 donor, a Mendeola trans (with master shift kit), and an LS2 stroker crate engine good for aprox. 580hp. My goal is to stick to around $65-70K is it possible? And I would also like to know what the hardest...
  5. Engine building tools

    Factory Five Roadsters
    heyguys, So Ive built two or three motors in my high school shop, but Im getting ready to purchase some tools of the trade. Im just a hobbist but know im gonna be building the rest of my life. Currently im slowing putting togeather the pieces for a 408 stroker build, but its gonna be a while...