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  1. Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    FFR Spyder-GT 302 carb, @ 348hp and 325ft-lbs, three link 3.55, TKO 500, F-R 15:1 rack, 17" 335 and 265 wheels, keyless ignition, 13" and 12" brakes all wrapped in yellow. In the process of building a top for it. Build pic at Untitled 1 I hate not to put a price but I just don't know what to...
  2. Park in Oregon

    Sent to me by builder Ken Reid before purchasing the vehicle. A random mother and daughter in the park who asked that their pictures be taken with the car, her shoes matched!
  3. Skyline Drive, Va

    Skyline Drive at sunset.
  4. Skyline Drive, Va

    Skyline Drive, Va.
  5. Lift in Richmond

    Drip trays under the diesel Jetta. This is the 4-post lift (casters are stored above garage door) from Greg Smith Equipment. Slider jack comes in VERY handy with the 4-post to work on suspension.
  6. Garaged in Maryland

    Car parked in the garage in Maryland. Roll bar removed.
  7. Berkley Plantation, VA.

    Berkley Plantation, VA. April 2010.
  8. Interior of Spyder GT number 012

    Push button start. Seat *and* back warmers. Foot box heater. Top switches are for electric radiator cooling fan, fog lights, and dummy (ie: not used).
  9. Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    SOLD _ FFR Spyder GT, complete kit and lots of extras, price lowered I am really bitting the bullet and have lowered the asking price to just $15,000 . The below list totals $23,000+, so I think this is a real deal for someone. This is your chance to build one of only 39 of these ever...
1-10 of 10 Results