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  1. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I originally planned on using these SN95 style spindles from FFR (#14507 - Front Spindle Set) But then I ended up doing the modification to move to the 2 piece MkIV spindles instead. I don't have the full kit, just the spindles themselves. Let me know if anyone is interested. -Jon
    $500 USD
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Sold SOLD 2004 Mustang Cobra SVT IRS 8.8 Complete 31 spline Rear End 38k miles I decided to change directions with my IRS and no longer need this. Here are the details: Donor was a 2004 Mustang Cobra SVT w/ 38k miles Purchased from Midway Mustang in Davenport, IA on 3/17/2014...
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I am going to make an attempt on an ABS project, so I have converted over to SN95 spindles so up for sale are the spindle combo that I put on the car 5 years ago. The paint is just rattle can primer and flat black. They do have some grease on them now and some scratches. I ran 17” bullet wheels...
  4. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hello all! First let me start by saying that I am right now in the planning stage of my future build, and I have many questions. I see that this forum is a great place for information. I have already tried to use the search function for the answer to this question, but I was unsuccessful. I...
  5. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Rear spindles +hubs needed, ABS not needed, to be placed under Levy 12.2" brakes w/ 4-piston calipers. Wheels are FFR Halibrands. Already have a pumpkin. Thanks!
  6. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone have the splash shields for SN95 front spindles they are willing to part with? I have '94 spindles but no splash shields and would like to install the shields if I can find them at a fair price. Thanks ewh123
  7. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Cannonball Cobra (Paul) and myself were planning on starting a business and becoming a vendor here on the forum. We were massing parts from junk yards, rebuilding and cleaning parts and obtaining new parts for rebuilding, just prior to his untimely death... Because that business venture cannot...
1-7 of 7 Results