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  1. G96 Clutch Spacer

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Another bit of info for the guys with G96 gearboxes... After a lengthy struggle with clutch travel issues I determined that the spacing between the distance between the front face of the diaphragm spring and the front face of the bell housing must be off. The issue was that the clutch fork...
  2. For Sale: Wheel Adapters

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD - Wheel Adapters - SOLD 2 ea. Aluminum wheel adapters 2 1/2" Thick 5 on 4 1/2" x 5 on 4 1/2" BCD 1/2"-20 stud with lug nuts used to mount modern wheel with large back space used about 1000 miles. Paid $165 $110 shipped in the 48
  3. Wheel Spacer and Stock Studs

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    I was mounting my the donor wheels so I would have a roller and noticed that the stock studs extend past the wheel spacer surface interfering with the mounting of the wheel. I removed them for now as I will likely sell the wheels I previously purchased for a different set. My question is; is it...
  4. For Sale: Wheel Adapter / Spacer

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD New never used 1 1/2" thick aluminum wheel adapter. 5 lug 4 1/2" BCD. 1/2"-20 TPI Studs. Paid $100, sell for $75 free shipping. Paypal preferred. Thanks
  5. shock mounting

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hey everyone, quick question on shock mounting. When the shock is mounted and bolted tight, should the heim joint still rotate on the through bolt, or should the ball of the heim be locked tight? The reason I ask, I thought I saw a post a week or so ago about someone torquing down the...