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small block ford

  1. Proformance Unlimited

    Ford Small Block Engine
    Has any of you tried the engines at Proformance Unlimited? I am pushing toward going with them for my engine for my future coupe, but I Wonder if they work good and if they fit right. If any of you have had any dealings with them for these cars or any others, please let me know your opinion...
  2. 351 w or 4.6

    Ford Small Block Engine
    What would you go with a junkyard 351 block with a stroker ( maybe 392) or a donor 4.6???? I need some new ideas and the best choice.
  3. Small block ford water pump

    Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Forum by E/T Wheels
    Can those who are running a SBF tell me if they are going with a standard or short water pump? I understand that if you use a short water pump you have to use an electric fuel pump. Anyone using this set up? Are there advantages to go one way or the other?