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  1. What is your other hobby? Pictures?

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    I know some here have built guitars, what other skills do we have here? Here are some Stainless Steel Roses and a vase "girdle" with extra small buds that I make as a hobby.
  2. Deal Of The Day -- Craftsman

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    EDIT: Arrrggghhhh Deal is dead... I'm striking out lately. Oh well, I'll keep my eyes open and find you guys something to spend your money on. :D
  3. Chasing & Repouss'e or metal art ?

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    Is anyone into Chasing & Repouss'e ( see photo 1, NOT MY WORK) I find working with metal fun and challenging. The more I see other people's work the more I'm amazed. I've gotten tired of all the "drama" in the car shows on TV. It has gotten to the point I find it hard to "pickup" any tips even...