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  1. SB100 issue

    NorCal Region
    I'm about to buy a MKII with SB100 sticker but no certificate available. Would somebody with a smog exempt sticker comment as to whether this car is really smog exempt? Please note that the the current engine has been changed: It's now a 347 with a carburetor, NOT fuel injection. The sticker...
  2. California Registration SB100 Special Construction Info

    Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Forum by E/T Wheels
    This is the best write up I've seen on the subject, so I thought I'd share for the Californian's out there. http://home.thegrid.net/~ffr4776/SB100_Registration.pdf Page 1 of 4 Registration in California is fairly straightforward. There are a number of steps that have to be taken, some forms...