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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    I have been running Dave Borden's SAI mod kit (sold by Whitby's) on my car for a while now. I really like how it makes the car feel/steer so I am NOT prepared to give it up. It has never been an issue with my 17" FR 500 wheels but since I just can't stop playin' :grin2:, I felt the urge to try...
  2. Brake and Suspension Tech
    I have read tons of info on this forum all about the SAI mod and have decided it is a desirable mod to have (I'm a newbie and this forum has done wonders for my knowledge already...... but has made my wallet much lighter:wacko:.... but I digress). I know that several on the forum have...
  3. Brake and Suspension Tech
    I know the SAI mod is intended for 17" wheels, but I love the classic look of the 15" wheels on these cars. I have looked through the forums and see that some have done the SAI mod with 15" pin-drives, but was wondering if anyone had the 15" non-pindrive set up this way. Just to re-cap, here...
1-3 of 3 Results