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  1. Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    Decided I want to get rid of my other baby so that I can put more money into my JK. I guess my 'gotta go fast' days are over. Build was finished and registered in California as a Special Construction 65 Cobra in 2009. Located in Fresno 3,750 miles Polished Roush 427R (Serial 351) 550hp/535tq...
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    427 Crate Engine For sale, my Roush 427SRTW polished engine. Fresh off a complete rebuild (new pistons, rings, valves, guides, seals, bearings, camshaft, lifters, water and oil pumps, distributor, and all seals and gaskets. Dynoed at 550/570 hp/tq before rebuild. Feels stronger now. I'm having...
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I bought several of these on closeout but want the money for a motor build. This is the last one I held on to. It is a brand new, complete kit (with 65mm TB) except a few bolts (and the instructions tell the dimensions), no 24lb. injectors and no 94/95 Cobra J4J1 EEC as was recommended. I...
1-3 of 3 Results