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  1. Sold Sold

    Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    $30 USD
  2. Northeast Region
    Hey guys, I recently bought a 1953 MG replica car that was built on a 1973 VW chassis. The guy I bought it from had a clean PA title that had the car's "make" as asve which he told me was the category kit cars fell into in PA. I didn't think anything of it but when I went to the local DMV here...
  3. Other Replicas, Scratch Builds, and Kits
    Good day guys, i am a doctor located in Cairo, Egypt. Growing up in Los Angeles i saw numerous gullwings in the early 70's and i always wanted one. Still cannot afford one! I have a Mercedes SL from the 80's that is my daily driver. I just purchased a Gullwing GRF vinylester body from germany...
  4. Other Vehicles For Sale / Wanted
    Cobra Replica (SOLD) Sold
  5. Other Vehicles For Sale / Wanted
    1966 B&B Cobra Roadster Replica with 5,150 miles. Car was finished in 2010. Vehicle has the coveted SB100 title which means you never have to smog it, even when selling the vehicle. Car is in excellent condition and ready to drive. It's never been in an accident or tracked. Paint is Ford Royal...
1-5 of 6 Results