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  1. New Coupe builder in CT - Questions DMV inspection, registration & build exchange

    Northeast Region
    Hi guys, I am new to the forum, I am located in Connecticut near Stamford and looking to connect with local builders. I got a complete kit Couple 65 last month and I am about to pull the trigger on a BluePrint (347ci) crate engine with EFI (Ford 347 Fuel Injected). BluePrint is using seasoned...
  2. Help! - Maryland Registration

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Car originally registered in Pennsylvania as a "2008 Specialty Construction Vehicle". Now living in Maryland, the Inspection station says the law indicates because it is registered as an 2008 in needs the emissions equipment that 2008 manufactured vehicles came with. The issue is Catalytic...
  3. How to register/inspect in Massachusetts

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    Hello all I'm planning to purchase a Cobra replica and have it in Boston, MA. I do have a budget max $45K. Please bear with me, I've been researching this topic everywhere for over a month now and still confused with registration issues, out of state acceptable VINS and passing inspection in...
  4. Help needed in registering Mark IV in NYS

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I plan on purchasing a base kit in 2016. I have an 1988 5.0 Mustang 4-speed fastback that I've removed all the necessary parts and have the title. What is the procedure to getting it registered in New York State? What will it be registered as? Can I loose the smog pump and cats? Thanks.........Jeff
  5. Beam / Torsion test data

    Factory Five Roadsters
    A call to anyone in AUS (or unlikely as it may be) in the US, that may have a set of torsional test data for the Coupe or Roadster. The Automotive Engineer I am using in Aus would accept the Roadster data. Having this would save a lot of time and cost during my build. With thanks Chris
  6. Minnesota Registration of New Build

    Factory Five Roadsters
    We are building an Mk4 and have searched for info re: obtaining VIN, build requirements (bumper, catalytic converter, windshield wipers, # of plates, etc) and obtaining registration and plates. I'm getting mixed info on all of the above. Anyone out there register in MN lately who will be...
  7. Need the skinny on titling/registering in Alabama

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    I have a Mk IV roadster (FFR8000) I am working on, and I hope to have it completed sometime in 2014. I am interested in current info on registering it in Alabama. If it matters, I live in Dothan, AL, which is in Houston County. I'm not sure if it differs by county. I searched the forums, and...
  8. Pennsylvania Coupe Registration

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Hey guys so I am just now getting to the point where I need to start the registration/inspection process. I've spoken with a few roadster owners in the area regarding it and it sounds pretty difficult. I'm wondering If any coupe owners in the Philadelphia area or anywhere in Pennsylvania for...
  9. NYS Registration

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    I'm new to this, so please me kind. I did read some of the past posts regarding the troubles people were having getting a VIN number for their completed coupe in NYS. Question, can you simply register the car as a 1965Daytona Coupe and all the problems go away...or is this just too simple an...
  10. California Registration SB100 Special Construction Info

    Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Forum by E/T Wheels
    This is the best write up I've seen on the subject, so I thought I'd share for the Californian's out there. http://home.thegrid.net/~ffr4776/SB100_Registration.pdf Page 1 of 4 Registration in California is fairly straightforward. There are a number of steps that have to be taken, some forms...
  11. Registering a car in Washington state

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    I will be building a FF roadster this summer and want to know what the State of Washington will require for registration and title. I have been following SB5585, but other than that are there other things that the state will require - wipers, bumpers, etc? Thanks for any help you can give me. Jay
  12. Returning Canadian needs help!

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    I purchased my MK-3 last year while I was living in Utah. I am about 70% thru the build and have moved back to Canada where I'm from. The car is still in Utah. I was going to bring it back here but found out the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) will not allow "kit cars" to be imported...
  13. NJ Emission Requirements

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    I am trying to understand the Titling and Registration process in NJ, specifically the emissions requirements. I have obtained the Reconstructed vehicle package from the MVC. Everything that I have read for a replica indicates that the car will be held to the emissions standards of the year...
  14. Experience With Title / Registration in Maine?

    Northeast Region
    I'm looking at building a FFR '33. Currently stationed in NJ, but have heard the regulations on kit cars are pretty bad here. Considering the option of titling & registering along with my father, who lives in Maine. (As active duty military, I can legally drive with 'out of state' plates.)...
  15. NY title question

    Northeast Region
    I am buying a FF roadster that is currently titled in FL as a 1965 SHELB REPLICA. Does anyone have any experience with NY DMV bringing a car in from out of state? Will NY make me re-title it as a 2008 (ther year it was first registered) custom, or will they leave the existing title and VIN...
  16. Need Help VIN and Register in NYS

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Howdy! I am new to the forum and am currently re-building an MKII. I bought it last year and had to pretty much redo everything on it. the previous owner just used the registration from the donor car (1990 mustang 5.0)and never assigned a vin. I am currently trying to do it correct however I...
  17. Cannot register

    Insurance and Registration Discussions
    If any one lives in Houston, and is willing to help please contact me or PM me. I have a FF5 I build which mostly sits in my garage unless I get the guts to drive it as it is totally illegal to be on the street. I can't insure it, and my registration was DENIED. I am frankly worried to death...