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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    Anyone able to direct me to photos of Levy's rear brakes on an IRS car? Specifically how the aluminium bracket is mounted. I got the stuff and won't be able to be at my car for a few days and would love to have some visuals to think about it. I have a Pin drive read and swapped the rear...
  2. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new, in box, FFR Rear Bumper Hoop, decided not to use $199+ship from FFR. I'll sell for $145+$15 shipping in lower 48. Contact Ven - (vdshenoy at gmail dot com) or 832 858 8560. Paypal accepted. Located in Austin TX if you would like to pick up
  3. Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I would like to buy an aluminum differential housing for 8.8 IRS. Prefer without gears and differential but will consider with.
  4. Brake and Suspension Tech
    Hey Everyone, I have a sn95 8.8" rear end w/4.10gears that i got from craigslist that will eventually make it into my roadster. I picked up some 3.55 gears with tractionloc I'll be installing in the future. Here's my problem, I'm looking to install 17" x 10.5" rims. In the build manual its...
  5. Factory Five Roadsters
    Boy, does the stock Mustang rear suspension suck or what? I've just got my roadster on the road and the rear suspension bottoms out very easily. Its way worse with a passenger. I was going to wait until this fall to upgrade to coil overs but the car really is not driveable as it is now. So I'm...
1-6 of 6 Results