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  1. Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    Before I install the Oil Pan, looking to see if I need to remove the Rear Main Seal Retainer Plate first, in order to replace Seal. Ford Factory Manual says to use SSTs, which of course I do not have, then this can be done without removing Retainer. 1) Removing the Retainer looks to make this...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    Ah yes, my favorite topic! I've been plagued with an RMS leak for some time. I've replaced the seal twice, but still no luck. I've got the engine out for a winter upgrade (Trick Flow top end kit, plus some other stuff) and want to make sure I fix the leak, once and for all. BTW, here's my...
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hey guys I need some advise. 1. When installing the rear main bearing do I need sealant (RTV) under the rear main bearing cap. If so what kind, where does it go and is there a specific set up time for the gasket sealer? Pics would be great showing where to put the sealer if needed. 2...
1-3 of 3 Results