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  1. 1955 Porsche Speedster Wide Body

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    Just finished this replica, am quite pleased with the final outcome. Next up is a 68 Karmen Ghia, and a Johnex 427 Cobra Kit. In the lineup are another GTM build, an LP640 Lambo, and a Bugatti Veyron.
  2. Anyone ever put a Porsche Tiptronic trans. in a FFR GTM?

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    I've been curious about whether or not a Porsche Tiptronic automatic trans. could be used in a GTM. Anyone ever done this?
  3. Want to Buy: GTM, partial trade for 1974 Turbo Porsche

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    I am looking for a partial or complete build. I'm hoping to trade my 1974 porsche as partial payment. I also have a custom Harley if interested. I do plan to use cash as well. Take a look at my Porsche. Pictures by porche911-turbo - Photobucket