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  1. NEW LS3 Flywheel and Flexplate With Hub

    GTM Classifieds
    Came off of my crate LS376 - Never used it, brand new! $80 shipped
  2. For Sale: Coyote parts and other miscellaneous

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    All items listed below are very lightly used. All in great working condition. Anywhere between 500 and 1,500 miles. I have since upgraded my engine, fuel systems to run E-85 as well as eliminated the controls pack PCM in favor of an aftermarket ECU thus eliminating the need for the parts listed...
  3. ABS plastic parts

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    I have noticed a number of brackets, dash end plates and interior parts that could be made with ABS plastic. ABS is fluid at around 225C, so there are limits to its application close to high temp sources in the engine bay, transmission and brakes (but I was going to try ABS sensor brackets and...
  4. 95 GT parts

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a wrecked 95 GT vert that has only been parted out on the interior... had planned to use it for a donor build, but bought the Mk IV complete kit so I only need the engine and rear end now. Bought it wrecked but heard the engine run and it drove up on the wrecker when they pulled it to my...
  5. For Sale: Many parts, make me an offer!!!!!!!!

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Dash pad, AM electric oil temp gauge, oil filter reloc kit #10992 SOLD, Dr. side mirror #11066, rear view mirror SOLD , hood hinge struts SOLD, mech speedo sensor and gear, shifter handle SOLD, alt drive pulley set #11080, Full carpet set, Gates belt #6pk1577, oil filter...
  6. For Sale: 1989 5.0 GT donor parts + IRS "CHEAP"

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, my name is Gene and I have been a member of this forum for several years but have not been on I awhile. In late 2006 I purchased a 1989 Mustang GT and a FFR Cobra assembly manual in hopes of one day completing my own Cobra. I completely disassembled the mustang keeping all of the required...
  7. Donor Parts or Donor Car?

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hi everyone. I am doing some preliminary planning for a GTM project and I wanted your opinions on this. Is it cheaper to purchase new GM parts for the GTM or is it cheaper to buy a donor Corvette? I am tentatively planning to use a new crate LS6 so I would be "getting rid of" the engine in the...
  8. For Sale: twin turbo gtm for sale

    GTM Classifieds
    Hey im jerry and im new to thsi so here it goes. Ihad a shop altered images build me a twinturbo gtm and they did but im getting board with it and lokin to sell it. Its a complete car 90 percent done build wise but does need body work and paint. Motor is a ls2 402 with twin i belive 67 mm turbos...
  9. Build Parts in Calgary For Sale

    Canadian Region by Specialty Car Parts Canada
    Hey Folks: Am finally getting rid of my build surplus, a mix of parts I never used from FFR and some non-donor stuff...let me know if interested! Shipping from Calgary Alberta Ebrake handle boot Dash vinyl [SOLD] Performer Seats mount kit [SOLD] Cobra Air Cleaner- (Ford Performance, Black...
  10. For Sale: 1997 mustang gt donor car

    Donor Cars For Sale / Wanted
    GREAT DONOR CAR AVAILABE I have been saving my 1997 for a donor car. unfortunately I just don't have the time and just had a fender-bender. To add to the bad luck I hit a car just at the right spot to deploy the airbags. Other than the airbags, front right headlight, and a new windshield...