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  1. Questions on building a base model GTM

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hello all! I have known of Factory Five for a few years now but am now more interested in what they have to offer. So a quick background story before we begin. My wife and I are looking to turn my intrest of Datsun to FF. Currently we are living in Okinawa Japan and have a little over a year...
  2. New MK4 Roadster build

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Hello Everyone, I recently ordered the mk4 complete kit. I am 17 years old and have no previous experience in building cars. This is something i have wanted to do for awhile and my parents finally allowed it. So far i know i am going with IRS but besides that not much changes to the kit. As far...
  3. Complete Kit Mk4 Roadster questions.

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm thinking of going with the complete Mk4 kit over the base kit but wanted to ask a couple of questions. The main reason for the complete kit is simply time. My partner in crime and the guy funding the whole thing is only available in June. With only a month to build the kit and not having to...
  4. GTM Time Comittment?

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    I am thinking about purchasing a GTM II kit, but want to have an idea of the time comittment. I am a former mechanic, many years ago, and know how to spin a wrench, but am also fairly deliberate when I take on a new task. I have purchased and read the GTM assembly manual and am comfortable with...
  5. Help for New builders

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    My buddy and I are planning to build the 65 coupe . Whats the overall cost for the build if the engine is a 302 motor . And can we get advice on where to start . We arent mechanically inclined so is it ok to directly build this coupe or do u advice workin on something really cheap . if so what...
  6. Newbie in Charlotte, NC

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I’ve been visiting the forum for a while and think it’s time to introduce myself. I’ve always wanted to build one these cars, but thought of it as a “someday” project. Two years ago I met a woman who made me realize I didn’t have to wait until retirement to make that dream a...