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  1. Engine & Drive Train
    Planning my kit order and am trying to determine what engine I will use. This will be a 3 generation build between myself, my 12 yo son and my dad who’s retiring :cool:. We want to build something that is period inspired. It doesn’t need to in our minds try to be original,…… because it’s not...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello!!!!! just got my kit in extremely excited ffr is out of most important stuff so I can really begin yet. No upper control arms, missing springs for coil overs no wheels (no biggie) and others. I am building a base kit as I plan to change/upgrade a ton. build: Debating on cobra brakes...
  3. Ford Small Block Engine
    I’m only waiting on a new SFI rated flywheel and the Scat 9000 rotating assembly will head to the balancing shop. My combo is as follows... 91 302 block zero decked 0.030 bore, torque plate honed, line honed, Comp XE266HR12 camshaft (@ .050 lift 216/224) advertised 266/274. .544 intake lift...
1-3 of 3 Results