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  1. Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    Selling my MKIV. This is a non donor car with exceptional attention to detail. Paint and Body work are flawless. It has 1100 miles on it. I am sure Ive missed something in the details below but feel free to ask questions. $49,500 MKIV Black Powder Coated Frame Three Link Rear Full Tubular Front...
  2. Factory Five Roadsters
    Does anyone have a picture of the proper installation of the rear axle straps using a solid axle Mustang Cobra rear end?
  3. New Member Introductions
    MK IV kit delivered in Spring 2013. Got a good start, but had to focus elsewhere. Moved. Now get to spend a couple days a week. Not a show car; not a race car. Just a very clean build with lots of help from the Forum.
  4. Factory Five Roadsters
    I purchased a Dakota Digital model GPS-50-2 to connect to a 2001 Mustang Cobra speedometer from a donor for my Mk IV. They tell me that it cannot be CanBus which Ford tells me didn't happen until 2004, so I'm assuming this speedometer will work. There are four pins out of the Mustang...
  5. Factory Five Roadsters
    I’m getting ready to install the Russ Thompson turn signal system in my Mk IV. I am using the 2001 Mustang SVT wiring harness and the headlight switch from the donor. I’m assuming I can tie into the harness for turn signals and high beam. I'm going to use the button on the turn signal arm for...
  6. Factory Five Roadsters
    I have my Mk IV go-cart running but would like to adjust the clutch pedal height for a more comfortable transition between brake and clutch. The engine, trans, clutch are out of a 2001 Mustang SVT donor. The picture attached shows the current position of the clutch pedal. Factory Five says it...
  7. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am using a 2001 Mustang Cobra donor for my Factory Five Mk IV build. I had the key, cylinder and halo ring taped behind the firewall (as per Factory Five) and it work fine until my build mate cut the ignition halo ring on the PATS. Can I get a junk yard (or new Ford) replacement? I assume the...
  8. Factory Five Roadsters
    Attached are the Mustang 2001 ignition block connection points from the Ford factory manual and the FFR ignition switch connection diagram. Can anyone tell me what connects to what? Thank you.
  9. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am building a Factory Five MK IV roadster using a 2001 Mustang SVT donor. The donor ran great before tear down. The engine is in the new car with all connections. I was able to start with direct power to the fuel pump. However, I am unable to start wired through the fuel pump driver module...
  10. Factory Five Roadsters
    I posted a question last week about no power to the fuel pump on attempted first start using a 2001 Mustang Cobra donor wire harness. It had been recommended that we re-wire the ignition from the Mustang a remove the slider module. Attached is what we are wiring direct to the FFR starter...
  11. Factory Five Roadsters
    I attempted a first start yesterday on my Mark IV build using a 2001 Mustang Cobra donor. I am using the Mustang wire harness as well. I did not re-flash the PATS as most of the emissions stuff is on the new car (single stage CAT however). Attached is the image of my ignition connection. The...
  12. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm about a week away from starting to work on my Mk IV body in preparation for paint. I'd like to do the work myself but have no background. Does anyone have any good suggestions for research materials, books, web sites to do this work?
  13. Factory Five Roadsters
    I tried to add my MK IV to our auto policy today and was told they don't do it and don't know who does. Does anyone have any suggestions on auto insurance for a Factory Five?
  14. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am using all necessary components from a 2001 Mustang Cobra donor for my Mk IV roadster. Do I need to use the speed control module? I am not flashing the computer. Let me know if anyone has experience wit this. Thank you.
  15. Factory Five Roadsters
    How do you secure the dash gauge bezels using the Factory Five base kit and Mustang donor gauges?
  16. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am using a 2001 Mustang Cobra SVT donor for my Mk IV build. I'm using the Mustang wiring harnesses and will keep what I must for the emission controls. Do I need to include both the front O2 sensors and rear cat O2 sensors (obviously including the catalytic converters as well)?
  17. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm installing a 4.6L SVT in my MK IV base kit and the engine mounts don't line up. See photo. Any suggestions?
  18. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am looking for a good paint shop in the Seattle area that won't break the bank for my MK IV build. Does anyone who lives in the area have any suggestions?
  19. Factory Five Roadsters
    I am using a 2001 Mustang Cobra donor for my Mk IV base kit. I am starting the instrument cluster and the base kit manual doesn't show any pictures or go into detail as to how the gauges are connected. The small pod that attaches to the circuit board would seem to be the part that is attached...
  20. Factory Five Roadsters
    Attached is a picture of my rear tire using Factory Five 10.5" X 17" Hallibrand replica. The rear end is a solid axle 8.8 from a '96 Cobra. The tire size is 315/35 R17 Sumitomo. As you can see the quad shock is hitting the tire. Does anyone have any suggestions?
1-20 of 21 Results