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  1. Megasquirt MS230-C for Sale

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    I have a new (never installed or used) Megasquirt MS230-C, this is a Megasquirt II ECU with PCB3.0. Firmware is v2.687. Also comes with 8' Megasquirt wiring harness and DB9 tuning cable. $400 for everything. Thanks Wade
  2. T-45 / 3650 Trans wiring harness?

    Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    I've realized a new Coyote and trans is no longer in the budget. So I have been staring at ebay / salvage auctions of 4.6 modulars and my eyes hurt. What does the transmission wiring harness provide? More to the point, If I go with a standalone ECU (Megasquirt) do I even care? Is there some...
  3. John's Megasquirt build thread

    Fuel Injection Pit Road
    Over in the coupe forum, we were discussing Accel DFI and other systems, and I offered my opinion on EFI for FFR cars, and why I decided to go with a Megasquirt system. For those that didn't see it over there, here is what I posted: If you look at all of the popular systems out there, they all...