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  1. Hydraulic clutch problem

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Last weekend I was driving around the neighborhood continuing with my shakedown period. I approached a stop sign to turn left and pressed the clutch in to shift to first. the pedal did not return. As it turns out the piston in the slave cylinder over extended and popped out of the cylinder...
  2. Assigned ports on tandem master cylinder - what works best and why?

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Most if not all Mustangs using tandem MC's have the front brakes connected to the rear port and the rear brakes connected to the front port. Whitby's brake kit is configured opposite of what I just described. The brakes work quite well with good balance. Whitby's uses a Mercury Villager MC...
  3. Master Cylinders for Wilwood Pedal Box

    Factory Five Roadsters
    This may be a really stupid question but... I've got the Wilwood pedal box that came with my MKIII complete kit ready to go but I can't figure out how to install the master cylinders. Since the master cylinder studs are already in I can't spin the cylinders to get the rods into the pedal...
  4. Cobra R M-2300 Brakes with Wilwood Master Cylinders

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Okay, I need some support here. I am trying to get some feedback on cylinder sizing for use with the M-2300 brake kit (Cobra R). I was going to use the Wilwood master cylinders that come in the FFR pedal box on a 3.1 car. I have heard from what I consider a good source to use 1" cylinder for...
  5. 1994 Cobra Master Cylinder/Adjustable Brake Pushrod Failure Mode and how to avoid

    Factory Five Roadsters
    1994 Cobra Master Cylinder/Adjustable Brake Pushrod Failure Mode and how to avoid Over the past couple of years we have noticed a slightly high rate of customer reported “leaking” of new 1994 Cobra master cylinders. When bleeding the brakes on our demo car we found that if the pushrod is...