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  1. Northeast Region
    I've got a 1967 289 block, with aftermarket RHS 185 heads. In November I went to get the car inspected, when I got to the MAC Center they said that since I didn't have matching cylinder heads, I needed to crush a 1971 or older 4.7L or larger engine car registered in MA in the last 5 years. I...
  2. Insurance and Registration Discussions
    Hello all I'm planning to purchase a Cobra replica and have it in Boston, MA. I do have a budget max $45K. Please bear with me, I've been researching this topic everywhere for over a month now and still confused with registration issues, out of state acceptable VINS and passing inspection in...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Can't wait to get my Cobra in Massachusetts...still figuring out all the options (narrowed down to 2 cobras) with getting the right one and having a hassle free inspection and registration. I look forward to be part of this group !
1-3 of 3 Results