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  1. Experience With Title / Registration in Maine?

    Northeast Region
    I'm looking at building a FFR '33. Currently stationed in NJ, but have heard the regulations on kit cars are pretty bad here. Considering the option of titling & registering along with my father, who lives in Maine. (As active duty military, I can legally drive with 'out of state' plates.)...
  2. FFR Cobra in Maine finished spring 08

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    For Sale FFR Cobra Test MI Only FFR COBRA W/ test miles only. Nice Viper Red, Rollbar & Quick jacks Midnight black, Tonneau cover, Black Interior, Smith Gauges, 93 5.0 Low Mile Running Gear, 3.55 Possi, Quad Shocks, Push Button Starter, Plug In diagnostic Tester, Front & Rear SS Rotors, PS...