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  1. Will this Engine Harness work? 2003 LS6

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    I purchased an LS6 (complete Pull) but it will not include the engine harness as it was sold the morning prior. I need to replace it. the LS6 is from a 2003. As I search for a harness I continue to see this " Note that harnesses are for non-emissions equipped vehicles and do not include air...
  2. Are the LS1 and LS6 Engine Harnesses the same

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Are the LS1 and LS6 engine harnesses the same part number? I need to know if a LS6 harness can be replaced by a LS1 harness. Such as the one FFR sells. Thanks
  3. For Sale: 2007 gtm

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    For sale GTM with 04 Z06 LS6 engine G50-03 5 spd , custom wheels, loaded with features. turn key & go runs great. Gary