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  1. Maier Racing Hood Louvers

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Getting closer to coming home from deployment so more parts are now being ordered as I get ready for paint. A few hours ago I ordered the Maier Racing GT500 hood louvers for my roadster. What great customer service. Guy was polite and knew exactly what I was ordering. Even said he does a special...
  2. Gen II Rear Body Louvers Now Available!

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Here is what I came up with for louvers for the rear of the body on the Gen II......behind the hatch. As you can see, I don't have these installed on this body as I can't be cutting holes in the body just for fun! :) Although this is a one-piece panel, you will be cutting 3 holes in...
  3. How about Gen II Front Grille......Version 2.0?

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Is this better? I kinda like it. This one is just made from 18ga steel as I didn't want to waste my good alum on a prototype.....and I can already tell I'm going to have to add a 3rd vertical support in the center to keep it from vibrating at speed, but I think the horizontal slats worked out...
  4. New Prices On Many Custom GTM VRaptor SpeedWorks Products!

    Factory Five GTM Forum
    Well, I'm doing a bit of "restructuring" I guess here. I've reviewed my cost on all of my parts since I've found a new place to cut most of my custom aluminum parts. I also have someone here to package all these parts up for shipping now, so I don't have to deal with it myself. Due to these...