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  1. Levy 347 Stage 4 and T-56 Magnum Q'S

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Hi all, had a few questions for you guys. Firstly anyone with a Levy stage 4? I'm considering ordering one for my coupe. What have you thought of it so far how many miles have you put on it / how hard do you drive it? Second, anyone who has installed a T-56 Magnum in their Coupe or Roadster? how...
  2. For Sale: FFR MK2 IRS/Levy Unfinished

    Factory Five Cars For Sale by Intercity Lines
    Factory Five Racing Inc, 1965 Cobra Mkll with Levy Stage 5. After moving coast to coast since starting the Cobra and now moving back to California I have decided to sell. My current career is not going allow me the time to finish the car anytime soon and moving everything for the fourth time...
  3. For Sale: Levy Bump Steer Kit - Mk3

    Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Levy Bump Steer Kit - Mk3 and 3.1 Well, I just purchased this on the forum a few weeks ago, and it's in perfect condition. I was installing last night, and learned that I need to weld the plates onto the 4" tubing. I've done a little welding, but a vertical weld for my steering is a little...
  4. 408 Stroker - No Compression in #8

    Ford Small Block Engine
    Have a 2400 mile Levy Stage 5 408W. Was driving at low revs (2500-3000) when I heard a metallic clanking noise and then engine sounded really rough and then died. I pulled it over about 150 feet after I heard the noise and got it towed to a local speed shop. They just called and told me there...
  5. Levy Racing exhaust

    Ford Modular Engine Roadster Builds
    I just got my exhaust yesterday back from Travis at Levy Racing. This setup is the straight 3" pipe with the option of baffles. I am planning on seeing how the setup sounds without the baffles first. The fitment is great! I will have to re-route the alternator wires though as they are very...
  6. Thank you

    Ask Gordon!
    I'm grateful for your helpfulness Gordon. Brian
  7. Weekend Coupe plans

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    For 18 months small oil and coolant leaks have had me “dabbing at the chin” of my car. I have plans this weekend to, with my friend Mike Aedo to remove the engine and trans and locate and repair both. The oil might be the rear main but Gordon Levy has been helpful in pointing to other spots to...
  8. Seeking Photo

    Factory Five Roadsters
    Anyone able to direct me to photos of Levy's rear brakes on an IRS car? Specifically how the aluminium bracket is mounted. I got the stuff and won't be able to be at my car for a few days and would love to have some visuals to think about it. I have a Pin drive read and swapped the rear...
  9. Wilwoods on the back

    FFR Type 65 Coupe
    Good day folks. When I installed Cobra brakes on my IRS equipped car, on which I also have a Vintage Performance adjustable rear sway bar, I had to move the caliper to the front of the spindle. I don't recall just how but it did involve some grinding on the spindle. I now have a set of...
  10. Levy Control Arms, Pin Drive, and SAI Mod

    Brake and Suspension Tech
    I have read tons of info on this forum all about the SAI mod and have decided it is a desirable mod to have (I'm a newbie and this forum has done wonders for my knowledge already...... but has made my wallet much lighter:wacko:.... but I digress). I know that several on the forum have...