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  1. Interior Car Cover Question

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I purchased my Factory Five Mark 3 Roadster and with the misc. parts I received was an uninstalled interior compartment detachable cover. I am worried about installing this part and it damaging my paint job when it is attached and detached. Is this part really necessary? Do people rarely use...
  2. mkI doors finish

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I am working on the doors on a mkI 1787 purchased in 2000 and first start oct 2013 ... long story.... the outer door panel wraps around the interior panel at the top of the door and around the inner panel. it is not solidly attached, I can pull the fiberglass up slightly ... is it ok this way>...
  3. Suede Interior

    Upholstery & Insulation Forum
    Has anyone thought to do a suede dash and center console area in suede leather? I know it would not be period/car correct, but I would think it would look great to have black suede and diamond pattern stitching in white, the color of my racing stripes. How hard is it to pull the dash off...
  4. heat through door weather strip

    Factory Five Roadsters
    My weather strip on the lower doors is less than ideal. I am looking to take care of this in the near future while doing some additional interior customization. Anyone have interesting pictures or ways they have dealt with heat from the side pipes entering under the door or nice door sill...
  5. Quick Fat Mat Question

    Factory Five Roadsters
    I have started installing the Fat Mat in my interior. Has anyone doubled up on high heat areas? Is there any down side to having two layers on the areas adjacent to the headers? I am thinking that doubling up the front of the footbox (see pic) is a no brainer. Will Fat Mat stick to itself...