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  1. Factory Five Roadsters
    Hello experts! I'm hoping someone might be able to point me to the next area to start investigating... I bought a MK1 2 years ago (fox body donor w/302 EFI) and at the time, turn signals and driver's side lo-beam were not working (lo-beam was only receiving 6 volts). No big deal as I didn't...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have a MK1 built (not by me) in 1999... having electrical issues, which I will post in proper forum.
  3. Factory Five Roadsters
    First, thanks to all who have taken the time to post a question to this forum and doubly for those that have made the effort to answer them. I have been building #9279 since Feb 2018 and reached the go cart stage recently and this forum has been a huge help for troubleshooting and also to give...
  4. Factory Five Roadsters
    I'm doing the mock up wiring of my headlights and turn signals and have read numerous post recommending separating the wiring into individual weather pak fittings to facilitate removing the body without cutting the wiring. Am I missing something or has the RF Wire harness been modified? I have...
1-4 of 4 Results