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  1. GTM Classifieds
    I'm locates in ontario asking 35k firm usd car is in ontario I can meet In niagara falls if need to be I'm myself located in ajax in ontario but for transportation 289-432-0911 is my number send me a text don't call please we can set up a time to call Has an ls6 with a g50 trans Upgraded intake...
  2. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Are there any GTM owners in Texas? I haven't found any mentioned in the various discussions and would really like to take a look at one in person before deciding to build one. Thanks in advance.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I'm excited to join. I'm still trying to decide what to build but leaning pretty hard towards the GTM. I was a little surprised to see so little posted in the GTM section of the factoryfive.com forum so I'm hoping I can learn more from all the discussions here. Thanks!
  4. GTM Classifieds
    Porsche G50-03 transmission for sale built by California motor sports only about 1,600 miles on it upgrades include: “V8” custom first, forth and fifth gears billet 1ST/2ND shift fork billet side plate billet 12 plate LSD this transaxle is set up for a GTM the gears are really nice for V8...
  5. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Last year the car made it to a track day. Never gave much thought to the insurance policy beings I was not “racing” but rather driving on the track in a HPDE class. My renewal policy arrives from American Modern (through Heacock) last week. It is about $900 for the year. I find a clause...
  6. Factory Five GTM Forum
    I am closing in on the point where I pull the body shell for final paint. I am going with a Ford 2003 color called Lizstick Red and a urethane basecoat. I have the compressor, paint booth and paint guns ready to go. How much paint does it take for a GTM? Thanks guys.
  7. FFR GTM #424

    This photo is from the 2014 SLO Concours car show. I won Best Sports Car: people's Choice. I beat out 5 million dollar Ferraris, McLaren, Lambos, etc. Great day!
  8. FFR GTM #424

    Here are a finished picture of my GTM with my motorcycle in my garage. This is where I built the entire car.
  9. FFR GTM #424

    Here are some finished pictures of my GTM. Also of the 2015 GTM calendar it was featured in.
  10. Factory Five GTM Forum
    I want to take a GTM and put a BMW M5 v10 engine in it. I'm not sure if it'll work with it or if I'll have to do a lot of work to make it work with the car.
  11. Factory Five GTM Forum
    My doner car is a 1998 corvette automatic and I have done all the wiring that others have done and my cruise control is still not working. I am using HPtuners tuning software and inside of there VCM scanner I i think that "cruise lockout" might be the problem. Here is what I am seeing from...
  12. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Hi all, I'm Currently saving for my GTM build (single so its easy) My plan is to buy a C5 donor, a Mendeola trans (with master shift kit), and an LS2 stroker crate engine good for aprox. 580hp. My goal is to stick to around $65-70K is it possible? And I would also like to know what the hardest...
  13. Road Racing Discussions
    2012 treated me well and I decided in 2013 I would like to start racing. I would like to do SPEC racing but my ego cannot fit in a Miata. But, my wallet can't swing $150k++ either. I want a sexy looking car that I can feel good about, that wont break the bank to build, race and maintain. Now...
  14. Factory Five GTM Forum
    I've been curious about whether or not a Porsche Tiptronic automatic trans. could be used in a GTM. Anyone ever done this?
  15. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Does anyone have any pictures or a link to any threads as to where the emergency brake cable bracket is suppose to be mounted, I was thinking of drilling a hole through the frame and mounting it as shown in the picture But I am still not certain that it will clear the engine...
  16. Factory Five GTM Forum
    Currently, SMC Performance has new C5 Instrument Clusters for sale on Ebay. I know some builders have gone this direction. WHat are the pros and cons? 2003 C5 Corvette Instrument Cluster Gauge Cluster Hud | eBay Thanks
  17. GTM Classifieds
    I hate to do this, but I've come to the realization that it's time to sell my GTM kit before I've been able to complete it (or get very far on it frankly). My time was already pretty limited to work on the project, but with the advent of the new addition to our family (beautiful new baby...
  18. Factory Five GTM Forum
    I've been reading a thread like this in the roadster section. It's an entertaining read so I thought let's start one here. This way there's a place to post trivial stuff like putting gas in the tank or tightening a lugnut......Huge milestones, right?...... Just kidding. Now, big or small, lets...
  19. GTM Classifieds
    I am looking for a partial or complete build. I'm hoping to trade my 1974 porsche as partial payment. I also have a custom Harley if interested. I do plan to use cash as well. Take a look at my Porsche. Pictures by porche911-turbo - Photobucket
1-19 of 36 Results